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Sharon Tribelsky is a professional photographer born in 1960 and living on Kibbutz Bet Zera which is in the Jordan Valley located in Israel. he graduated with four years of photography studies from Canada Wizo art College in Haifa.

his works are exhibited at galleries and shows around the world and printed in books and magazines. For a period of fifteen years, he was involved in industrial and commercial photography and also managed a commercial photography studio. He is taking landscape images and drone projects only for fun, not to make a living. (from time to time also street photography). his drone images series of the sinkholes at the dead sea “Dead Land”  won sharon the title photographer of the month at Itsliquid Group contest April 2022. This series also has been selected as the category winner of the Monovisions Awards 2022.


 He tries to pay attention to all the small details in each photograph and show the viewer the drama and excitement of light and texture meeting at the right moment in the photographer's eyes…  despite the fact that in nature and landscape photography (as opposed to studio photography) the photographer has no control over the images in front of him. This is something ingrained in him from the days when he worked with a technical camera using 4" by 5" slides and negatives.

Sharon says: There is something in the “old world” of analogical photography, in my opinion, which causes everyone who has ever used negatives or slides and printed in darkrooms, to relate differently to every press of the shutter,  and to maybe also respect every frame a little bit more.


But of course, digital photography today allows endless creativity and quality with a lot less effort.

My love of photography accompanies me every minute of every day, even when I have no camera with me.  I find myself automatically checking the light or the cloud conditions or even the composition of a possible photograph in every place I happen to be and sometimes I get angry at myself that I do not have my camera with me!

My best pictures are those that I have not managed to take yet… and this is something that I believe characterizes most photographers.


You can find my images for sale Here

Shooting "some ice" in a freezing cold water in iceland (september 2017)

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